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Why having a good logo is important for your business

Lets talk about your logo….

Whether it’s the golden “M” of McDonalds or the simple tick for Nike, when we think of our favourite brands, more often than not we’ll think of the brand logo. Logos are ingrained into our psyche. They play a huge part in how we perceive brands and whether or not we remember them – so the importance of your logo should never be underestimated. 

If you’re doing it right, your logo will also be integrated and connected with everything that you do. To make sure that your brand is remembered, you’ll want to ensure that your logo is on display at every possible opportunity, whether it is on your business card, on a piece of design advertising, displayed across your website, or on your employee’s clothes, the more touchpoints in which you can display your brand logo the better. 

But why exactly is having a good logo so important? Here’s our 2-pence worth on the matter.

Your audience’s attention span is short

Your customers and fans are unlikely to remember every little detail about who you are and what you have to offer. Your customers don’t have unlimited capacity when it comes to recalling every little detail of their day-to-day lives, and, with countless competing messages to take in on a daily basis, they are inevitably only going to remember snippets of what you have to offer (if they remember you at all). A strong logo is a fantastic visual reminder of your brand that can be both quickly and easily registered. 

It tells your audience who you are

A good logo has a story. A good logo will say something about what your brand represents. While it can’t tell you the in’s and out’s of your brand story and history, a good logo encapsulates your brand identity and communicates what is so special about it. Whether or not your audience understands this to its full extent is not necessarily the point, what is important is that your logo feels like it is authentic and that it has some real connection with what it is you have to offer. If your logo feels authentic, then it is more likely to be remembered and thought of positively. 

It increases trust

The more your audience is exposed to your brand, the more likely they are to trust you. Familiarity is a critical component of getting your audience to like and buy into your brand. Your logo is integral to this relationship. The more your audience relates to your logo, the more likely they are to trust you. Similarly, the more your audience is exposed to your logo, the more likely they are to consider it when it comes to seeking out whatever the product or service you provide is. A good logo used and presented effectively across numerous channels, marketing materials, and platforms, targeted in the right areas, will ensure that you are kept front of mind when it comes to the point of consideration and purchase. 

It encourages loyalty

A good logo will help you be remembered for long after the first purchase. By having a good logo, you are ensuring that your paying customers remember the experience that they have had with you. It is not a brandless, impersonal experience, but one that encourages a longer-lasting relationship.

At Graphic Design Belfast, we have a wealth of experience in helping brands with their logo design. We understand how to create a memorable brand and can help make a real difference when it comes to your brand’s logo. To find out more visit our website or email us on

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