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What Does A Graphic Designer Do?

A graphic designer is the person who realises your ideas in a manner that can be presented both on screen and traditional printed media. They use experience and knowledge to understand your project intent and then they use a series of graphic design software applications such as Adobe InDesign, illustrator, or Photoshop to output creative content based on your supplied logos, imagery and content.

Many graphic designers are proficient in all manner digital and traditional outputs and will have no issue setting your design for print or for screen use only. It’s prudent to let your graphic designer know your desired output at the start of any project as this will affect a number of their design decisions.

Proof Read Your Content

It’s important to note, the graphic designers are not copywriters and while they will look at your text and content for some time during your project, they are not looking for spelling or grammar mistakes. When working in the Design Studio and design programme our skills mainly lie in outputting creative and engaging graphic design for you and your clients and as we see so much content daily, we become almost blind to the words.

Graphic Designer Belfast

Some people ask us why we are graphic designer in Belfast and the reason is very simple. Working with many clients all across the city and around Northern Ireland, we have been fortunate in assisting businesses with their creative strategies. In doing so we have been able to see a direct impact in our work on their business. We are very much partners and as our customers businesses flourish, ours continues to do so also.

We work within all manner of industries from beauty salons to accountancy practices, solicitor firms, startups and car dealerships to name but a few. We use our experience across all market sectors to benefit our clients and their clients needs.

Types of Graphic Design

At graphic design Belfast we offer a variety of Graphic Design Services for digital and traditional printed media. Some of our most commonly requested projects include:

As you can see from a list of love, the variety of projects we undertake is widespread. Working with many clients right across Belfast we have gained a reputation for excellent understanding and output through graphic design. It has also afforded us unrivalled experience to draw from when working on your project.
How to Work With a Graphic Designer
When engaging a graphic designer for a project, it’s always good to have a few elements at hand when providing them with the initial project spec and brief. For your own reference the key things to have ready include: high resolution logos, high resolution photography ( if applicable), proof read content and an idea of your target market. armed with these elements we are in a perfect position to create an excellent design.

Get in Touch

To start a project with our team please visit contact form and fill in details about your project. a member of our customer service team will be in touch right away with a bespoke quote for your needs. If you want to come and visit our studio, we are situated just a few minutes from Belfast city centre and will be delighted to host you by appointment.

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