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The Importance Of Flyers For Your Business

The importance of flyers for your business 

Whether you operate directly to customers or to the trade, flyers are an excellent way to advertise your business. Great for leaving as takeaways in high traffic areas, within your business or store locations, or for handing out in person, flyers are a highly effective means of getting your message across. Whether you simply want to raise awareness of a particular product, service or event you have to offer, or you have a sale on that you want to promote, flyers can provide an immediate impact when it comes to your sales. Here’s a few ways flyers can help you and your business;

  • Get in front of the right audience
  • Leave a permanent reminder
  • Create a personal connection
  • Get descriptive 
  • Promote a special offer
  • Ensure you’re covering every angle

Get in front of the right audience

When designing flyers there are a few considerations that you can make to ensure that they are as effective as possible. Nicely designed attention-grabbing flyers located in areas that both attract a lot of footfall and are targeted at a relevant audience can be extremely effective. 

Unlike online advertising, by getting in front of your target audience with printed flyers you are capturing them at a point where they are more likely to engage with your message in a different way. While the targeting may not be quite so specific, you can still hone in on particular locations that are more likely to be effective. If you offer sports clothing, for instance, it makes sense to leave your flyers in sports centres and leisure centre in the surrounding area. If you offer leisure or tourist activities on the other hand in you may wish to target local transport links such as bus and train stations. 

Leave a permanent reminder

Printed flyers are a great way to keep a constant reminder of you, your brand, and what you have to offer. Printed flyers are small, light and transportable, perfect for your customers to pick up and share with friends and family. Flyers inevitably end up floating around handbags or in your customer’s houses ready for a time that they may be picked up and considered in more detail. This is a much more permanent experience than you can expect with most online advertising, that is typically read and forgotten about within a couple of seconds of scrolling. 

Create a personal connection

As customers are more likely to pick up your flyers and spend more time with it on their person or in their house, they are also more likely to spend more time engaging with it. Because flyers are a tangible and physical piece of advertising, it feels more personal than an advertisement on a computer or a phone screen. If you are handing your flyers out in person you can increase the personal connection even more. Your flyer distributors can encapsulate the message behind your flyer and provide some context for the recipients to peak their interest to read further. 

Get descriptive

As printed advertising encourages customers to spend more time with your message there is more opportunity to get descriptive about what it is you have to offer. Your customers will spend more time reading your flyers than most forms of advertising so you can afford to really sell what you have to offer.

Promote a special offer

By combining great design and smart placement with an incentive or hook you’ll quickly see the difference in your sales. 

Cover every angle

By ensuring that your business is investing in flyers you can make sure that you aren’t missing out on potential opportunities. While online advertising is a great way to get your message across, ignoring the possibilities of gaining sales and customers from printed flyers can mean losing out on potential profits.

At Graphic Design Belfast, we have many years of experience of helping numerous businesses with designing flyers. To find out more about how we can help you with your flyer design, you can visit our flyer design page, or get in touch via our contact form or by emailing us on

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