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The Importance of Brand Positioning

Understanding where you fit in your market place or within your particular industry is a fundamental part of running a successful business. The act of brand positioning is about finding out exactly this and then making decisions about how to communicate this both externally to customer and internally to employees and other members of staff.

So why is brand positioning important?

It gives your brand an identity

Brands with a clear idea of what they stand for, where they fit, and the value that they bring, are more likely to be able to communicate effectively with their target audience. They are also much more likely to be remembered by them. In contrast, brands that have no clearly defined characteristics, or components that make them obviously different to other brands, will inevitably be lacking in any kind of clearly defined identity. This is important because a brand that is easily forgotten will need to work twice as hard to be remembered when it comes to the service that it provides.

It makes your brand stand out from the crowd

A brand that has not considered how it positions itself will invariably come across as non-distinct or indistinguishable from all the other brands out there. This will tend to follow two paths – The brand has not thought about branding at all and it is simply fulfilling immediate customer demands. Alternatively, the branding has been considered, but not in relation to where it fits among all the brands that do a similar service. 

In order to stand out from the crowd, there is a need to first take a step back from the daily grind and consider what it is exactly that makes what you do different to other businesses. And, if there isn’t anything in particular that makes you all that different on the face of things, then is there something about the way that you complete your work that sets you apart? Ultimately there will always be something that makes you and your brand different or unique from another. Brand positioning is about celebrating this difference and communicating why it is so important to your customers in an authentic and meaningful way. 

It motivates employees

Having a clear and identifiable brand identity is a powerful asset in building a customer base, but it is also integral to how you and your employees perceive the work that you do and what it means to your customers. Brand positioning tells employees why it is that they do what they do and why that is so important. This is a really important motivational factor for employees as it gives the work that they do meaning and it drives the whole business forward together as a team all striving for the same goals. If a business or organisation has clearly defined its own brand positioning then this will not only be clear from the marketing materials but also inside out and from top to bottom in the way that employees engage with customers and each other. 

It builds trust

A brand that can effectively communicate exactly what it stands for while also advertising its core products and services is more likely to be trusted by its audience than a brand that simply offers a functional or transactional relationship to its customers. By communicating something more than just a sales message you can sell you and your brand message. A brand that has positioned itself effectively can, therefore, lean on this strong branding in everything that it does. If a customer trusts your brand then they are more likely to buy from it. In turn, this also means that there is less pressure on “racing to the bottom”. A process where your brand is left to compete primarily on the basis of how cheaply it can sell its wares when compared to other similar brands and businesses. 

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