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The Benefits of Roll Up Banners

Roll up Banner Design - Graphic Design Belfast

Roll up banners have many benefits. Being sturdy and portable, as well as eye-catching, roll up banners are a cost-effective and effective branding or advertising solution. Here are a few of the benefits of investing in roll up banners. 

Light, durable and transportable

Roll up banners are great if you want the flexibility of being able to move your advertising and branding around. You might not always want your branding to be a permanent fixture within your premises, so by investing in roll up banners you’ll be able to take advantage of eye-catching branding and advertising without needing to be tied down to displaying it in a single place.

Roll up banners do exactly what they say on the tin. They roll up from a relatively small and compact base reaching upwards of 6-7 foot when fully erected. Roll up banners are designed deliberately to be easy to move around. In being so compact and light, as well as being made from highly durable materials, moving your roll up banners needn’t be a chore like it can be with more permanent fixtures. 

Fantastic for events

Because they are so easy to move around, roll up banners are an excellent option for exhibitions and events. When planning exhibitions and events, you want your stand and all of your branding to be both eye-catching as well as durable and portable so that it can be used again and again. Roll up banners fulfil all of these requirements. As they are made from durable materials and stretch out to a large standing size, they are simultaneously practical and effective. Combine a really great design and a standout piece of branding on your roll up banners and you’re sure to create the right impression with event or exhibition attendees. 

Cost-effective store branding

In comparison to other forms of in-store advertising, roll up banners are a relatively cost-effective means of creating a good impression in your store.

Roll up banners can be displayed neatly and without cluttering up your store. As they occupy a relatively small space, they are simultaneously effective due to their size and the creative possibilities available when it comes to the design, and also practical in that they will not present an obstruction to your customers as they wander around.

Due to their cost-effectiveness roll up banners are also ideal if you want a quick means of highlighting a particular sale you have on, or a promotion, product or service, that you wish to highlight.

Ideal for internal branding

When working in an office block, or a similar type of non-customer facing working environment, it is sometimes easy to forget that branding still has a role to play.

Employees, like customers, are just as influenced by branding. Employees want to feel like they belong to a distinct and strong brand identity and not some faceless corporate machine. Branding is just as important in this scenario as it is in any customer-facing situation.

Roll up banners are a great way to remind your employees why they work for your brand. They are also a great way to remind your employees of the expectations of your brand in regards to the quality of work that you produce and the way your employees present themselves – whether this be to customers or otherwise. 

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