Roll Up Banner Stand Design


Roll up banners – Simple yet effective, when done correctly. Let our graphic designers design a fully thought out and effective roll up banner for your business. Whether it’s for your reception entrance, or an exhibition show, there’s nothing quite as striking as a roll up banner.

Each roll up banner is 850mm wide x2000mm tall and is supplied with a padded carrier case and outer box.

Included in this project:

  • Discussion with our designer on the project brief
  • 1 x roll up banner design 
  • 2 working day turnaround from initial brief to 1st draft proof
  • 2 rounds of revisions (if required)
  • Print ready PDF that can be supplied to your chosen printing company
  • File storage on our server for 1 year

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Why your business needs a roll up banner?

In a world where industries are saturated with competitors, first impressions are paramount to the success of your business.

When done correctly, a roll up banner will deliver your first impression correctly and successfully. Our graphic design team will consider branding, colouring, text and graphics o that your roll up banner design is mastered to perfection. 

Although roll up banners have been around for quite some time, they remain popular to this day. They are a great addition to any businesses printed marketing plan. It can be easy for a business to fall into printing predictable marketing with little creative space and imagination. A roll up banner will allow you the space you need to be creative and to engage with your customers.

Our roll up banner design process

During the order process, we ask for a design brief. This can be as light or detailed as you wish and we’ll use this as the basis of a call with our graphic design team. If you have a corporate colour we must use, or any guidance on style of card, it is best to tell us at this stage. Sometimes there is no brief and that’s fine, we’ll use our best judgement to create a beautiful roll up banner. In this instance we ask for some visual direction, maybe a roll up banner design you’ve seen previously and liked the look of.

After we are happy with the design, we send this to you for approval. We send low resolution screenshots for approval purposes. If you are happy with the artwork, we request a sign off email. At this point we save the artwork on our server for one year, output a high resolution print ready pdf and forward this to you. The print-ready pdf will be set up based on our “Perfect Print” guidelines. This ensures you get the best quality results from your chosen print provider.

If you have changes to your artwork, we will discuss these to ensure we fully understand the changes. We will make the relevant changes and get the sign off as above.


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