Label Design


Included in this project:

  • Discussion with our designer on the project brief
  • 1 x Label design 
  • 2 working day turnaround from initial brief to 1st draft proof
  • 2 rounds of revisions (if required)
  • Print ready PDF that can be supplied to your chosen printing company
  • File storage on our server for 1 year

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Why a great label is important for your business?

The labels you decide to use on your goods and packaging can help you to create the first impression of your product. So why settle for anything less than exactly what you need?

Our team of graphic designers have extensive experience working with a wide range of business to create bespoke and eye catching labels. We can design a label that fits and compliments your brand, without compromising on design or performance. Labels are a popular way for every business to add a personal touch to their product. On top of that, they can be a cost effective method with a great return.

There are a number of ways in which businesses can use labels to enhance their customer experience. Whatever the task at hand, you can be assured that our design team will deliver on a great label design. 

Labels for packaging

If you are sending out packages or letters from your business, why not personalise it? This can be done through simply adding a logo, or designing a full label that fits in with your brand guidelines. 

Labels for gifting

There is one thing for sure – customers love free things. Our graphic design team can design a bespoke label for your business which can be sent out in addition to their order. Not only is it a nice touch for the customer, but if done correctly, it can be a great way of marketing your business. Who knows where your label will end up. The better the label design, the better the chance of a good location. Then your branding is working for you on a daily basis – for no cost!

Labels for marketing campaigns 

Another great option on how to utilise labels for your business, is by using them for marketing campaigns. Labels can be designed by our team, with a key message in mind, so that you can use them to roll out your latest campaign.

Labels for customer facing surfaces 

If your business operates in an area that is frequented by customers, labels can be a great way of reinforcing your brand. Having them on computer desktops, notepads and envelopes can be a great way of ensuring the customers sees your brand. If designed correctly, they will remember it.

Our label design process

During the order process, we ask for a design brief. This can be as light or detailed as you wish and we’ll use this as the basis of a call with our graphic design team. If you have a corporate colour we must use, or any guidance on style of label, it is best to tell us at this stage. Sometimes there is no brief and that’s fine, we’ll use our best judgement to create a beautiful set of stationary. In this instance we ask for some visual direction, maybe a label design you’ve seen previously and liked the look of.

After we are happy with the design, we send this to you for approval. We send low resolution screenshots for approval purposes. If you are happy with the artwork, we request a sign off email. At this point we save the artwork on our server for one year, output a high resolution print ready pdf and forward this to you. The print-ready pdf will be set up based on our “Perfect Print” guidelines. This ensures you get the best quality results from your chosen print provider.

If you have changes to your artwork, we will discuss these to ensure we fully understand the changes. We will make the relevant changes and get the sign off as above.


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