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Gift Voucher Design For Opal

Gift vouchers are an excellent resource for many of the salons and boutiques we work with regularly. The create loyalty and repeat custom. They often broaden the customer base when gift vouchers are presented to friends and family.

We’re delighted to have been chosen to create this gift voucher. Designed in black and white, the use of a contemporary font and the addition of the Opal logo we created a project aligned perfectly with the already strong logo design.

What size is a gift Voucher?

The most common size of gift vouchers is DL (210mm x 99mm), however they can of course be any size. Some business owners choose to double the height of the voucher and put a little crease in the middle creating a folding card where the recipient opens the card to view their gift. 

What to include on a gift voucher design?

The main considerations on gift voucher content should always be security, ensuring no one copies your design and tries to pass it off. Some attached a receipt to the voucher and other number them individually. Apart from the security measures, we recommend the following input fields:

To, From, Amount, Date, Signed

Whatever you choose to include on your Gift voucher, one of the most overlooked elements is the Use By Date. As business owners, we want the customer to redeem the voucher in a timely manner and so by including a date for use, this will help the redemption rate.

If you want to chat to our team about a gift voucher project, please get in touch with us via the contact form.

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