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Choosing a Graphic Designer in Belfast

Choosing a Graphic Designer in Belfast

When choosing a Graphic Designer, you want someone you can trust to deliver the quality that your brand deserves. Whether across digital formats, or traditional marketing it is essential that your design work not only looks professional but gives you that cutting edge against the competition. A good graphic design agency will work with you to either help build your brand from scratch or to work with your brand guidelines to produce timely and effective promotional materials that work.

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Here are our top tips for choosing a graphic designer in Belfast;

Do your research

Before committing to any graphic designer or design agency, it is worth checking out some of the work they have done with other business and brands. Browse what is available from the design agency to view online, and if you’d like to see more, ask them for a portfolio of their work. In doing this, you’ll not only get an understanding of what the design agency is all about, but you’ll also be able to note down some ideas about projects they have worked on that you like that you think might also work for you. 

Don’t pay over the odds

Unfortunately, there are many design agencies out there that will take advantage when it comes to what they charge and/or the service that you get in return. Set out in advance your expectations before you carry out any project and don’t be afraid to ask probing questions about how much a project might cost and how long it should take to complete. A good graphic designer will be honest and upfront about how much a particular project is likely to cost and will work with you to ensure that costs are kept down wherever is possible. 

Opt for a designer that cares

If the design agency or designer isn’t passionate about the possibilities available when it comes to working with you then don’t waste your time. You don’t want to be ditched with a designer that doesn’t really care and is just looking to move on to the next project as quickly as possible. Instead, choose a design agency that cares about your brand and is passionate about the work that they do. This passion will come across in the work that they produce for you and in the fun that you’ll have working with them. 

At Graphic Design Belfast we have a combined total of over 50 years worth of experience in helping businesses with their design and branding. Whether it is for your website, social media, emails and digital ads, or for traditional marketing materials such as brochures, leaflets and poster design, at Graphic Design Belfast we have the expertise to help you get the results you are after. To find out more about how we can help you with your next design and branding project get in touch via our contact page, or by emailing

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