Business Card Size UK - 85 x 55 mm

Business Card Size UK

Depending on where you are in the world business cards can be varying shapes and sizes. No one likes to leave things to chance and so we are often asked what the most common business card size in the UK is?

The standard Business Card size in the UK is 85 mm wide x 55 mm high. Business cards can be both portrait or landscape in format and when being designed must have 3 mm bleed added to ensure they are printed and finished perfectly.

You our reader may be asking this question for 1 of 2 reasons. The first is usually, you are planning to design your own business card (remember we can help with that here) or you are planning to buy business cards and you want to order the correct size. If you decide to go it alone on your business card design, we have put together a number of key points to consider. We’ve also included our business card design template, to use as a guide when creating your own design.

Designing your own business card

If you do decide to design your own business card there are a number of things to consider in this process. The first is Bleed, which we will cover extensively on the blog shortly. On your design you should include 3 mm bleed on all sides. This ensures that when you send your business card to your business card printer, they will turn out exactly as you need and without text cut off. Bleed is additional space on the outside of the design added to allow the business card to be trimmed to the final 85x55mm size. Your finished design must be supplied at 91mm x 61mm.

Business Card Design Template - 85 mm x 55 mm with 3mm bleed

Within our business card template you’ll also notice a Safe Area. Sized also at 3 mm on all sides, the safe area is the space inside the trim line that we recommend keeping all critical text and imagery away from. The guillotines your chosen print company will use to trim your business cards are the size of a small car and there is always movement in your print. This safe area protects critical text in the event your card registration is off slightly.

When saving your business card for print, always save your business cards as a print ready pdf and ensure the check box for bleed is selected.

To recap the points for consideration when designing a business card are:

  • Bleed
  • Safe Zone
  • Exporting as a print ready PDF

Let us look after your business card design

If you decide that designing your business card is not for you, we would be delighted to look at this for you. To start a business card design project please visit our page and start a project.

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