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Why business cards are important for your business

Why business cards are important for your business 

As a business, you’ve never been so well connected. Whether it’s via email, Facebook or Linkedin, connecting with business colleagues, friends, associates or clients, has never been so simple. Just a few clicks and you can be chatting to a business associate in South Africa or Australia. With ease of connecting, however, the quality of these connections has lessened. The likelihood that LinkedIn members have met the 500+ connections on their profiles is doubtful. As is the likelihood that each of those connections consider their relationship to be a valuable one. 

Business cards, on the other hand, are a permanent reminder of a genuine connection you have made. The quality of that connection is far greater than one that has been made via a request on Linkedin. So is the memory of you and your business in the minds of the recipients. Here’s why business cards are important for your business;

  • A tangible reminder leaves a more permanent impression
  • It lets your recipients know that you value the interaction
  • It makes you and your business look professional
  • They are ideal for ad-hoc meetings or chance encounters
  • They give a sense of quality 

Print is permanent

A business card, similarly to leaflets and flyers or booklets and brochures, can offer greater engagement with your recipients. Unlike more disposable or fleeting interactions made online, a business card is a more permanent reminder of your meeting with a customer, client or business associate. Similarly, while an online follow up to a meeting is a great way to ensure that you keep in contact online, the act of giving a receiving a business card helps to seal the deal in the eyes of the recipient. 

Show that you care

Ultimately a connection made online is easy, and it is also free. But it is precisely for this reason that it can also feel less real or more superficial than the act of receiving a business card. Because making connections online is so easy, it can be used and abused by anyone with anything to sell – whether it be a particular product, service or message. While business cards are relatively inexpensive, the very fact that you have invested a little time, effort and money into the production of your business cards, and that you have decided to give this token of that investment of your time to another person, demonstrates that you care enough about the contact you have had or have made to offer it over as a means of connecting with that person in the future. A business card is as much a gesture as it is a means of connection.

Look Professional

Business cards are considered to be a sign of professionalism. When meeting other professionals, customers or clients, first impressions are vital, and by providing signals that you act in a professional manner, you are putting your best foot forward to ensuring that you are thought of in a positive light. 

Ideal for when you are on the go

While online connections are great for when you are at work, or you have just returned from a meeting, there isn’t anything that is quite as convenient or natural as passing over your details via a card. While of course, it is possible to pass over your details by phone, this is a clunkier interaction and also one that will be considered inappropriate in some instances. 

They give a sense of quality

Having a high-quality business card, in turn, tells the recipient that you are a high-quality business. 

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