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Briefing Your Graphic Designer On Logo Design

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A logo is a little different than most design briefs. In most design briefs, there will be a clear path moving forward; however, with your logo, it can be a little bit more complicated. Your logo needs to encapsulate who you are as a brand in a very brief visual emblem. It needs to tell the world what you stand for in a clean and very simple way, while also being effective when it comes to brand recall. 

Your logo is also a personal affair. As your logo is going to represent you and your brand across all of your branding and marketing, it is inevitably going to be something that you have some preconceived ideas about, and, whether you have thought about it consciously or not, it is likely going to be something that you are to have some very strong opinions about. 

So how do you go about briefing a designer when it comes to such a personal part of your brand and your business? Here’s our top tips on how to brief your graphic designer on your logo design.

Get to the heart of your brand

Let your graphic designer know what your brand is all about. To do your brand justice, your brand needs to be personal to your brand and its core identity. The core of your brand will dictate the type of logo that you will want to create. Whether your business is innovative and exciting, warm and friendly, or authoritative and secure, this will dictate the kind of logo that is best suited to you and your brand. Whatever it is about your brand that makes it special is also likely to be what makes your logo design special too. 

Tell your designer what you like

From a graphic design and branding point of view, it is always helpful to know what you like and where you think your logo fits. The best logos are often made out of a combination of exceptional design experience and a proactive customer with some great ideas. Work collaboratively with your designer, and you’re likely to see some great results. 

Tell your designer what you don’t like

From a design point of view, it can often be challenging to narrow down a brief. A common occurrence is an open brief where the designer is given creative freedom but ends up missing the mark entirely in the eyes of the customer. While this initial process can help to narrow down the logo design process, it makes sense to do this work in advance and let your designer know what you don’t like, and what your brand isn’t, as much as what you do like, to streamline the creative process. 

Be passionate & enthusiastic

If you are passionate about your logo design, then this will, in turn, inspire your graphic designer. The more passionate you are about your logo, the more likely that you are to provide a great brief. Ultimately it is the vision that you have for your brand that can help to drive it forward, so let your designer know why your brand is so great and exciting, and you’ll be on to a winner.

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